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Backyard Boxing has a long history in Vienna as a professional boxing club for each and every one. The relauch planned for these year included website redesign, new photography and videography for both of the two locations.

  1. Adjust the website
  2. Create a lot of content for social media
  3. Create a new image

#Content Creation


Throughout its history, Backyard’s team has grown, and the club equipment has been updated. What remained the same were the studio’s high standards and principles. In our relaunch we reflected it through the vast amount of new visual content: multiple photo sets with crew members, clubs in both brunches in Vienna as well as group and portrait shots. The videos required special creativity from our talented videographer Alex Lando.



For the best result, the az.creative Team has prepared and planned every item of the shooting thoroughly: the timing, shooting poses and scenes, motions, an of course equipment. The Backyard team itself was a big help with their vibe and creative ideas on the set.


Backyard Team came to us with a very specific request – a new website that would support online training, would be a convenient tool for new leads generation and managing of the existing club members.

The solution for this was a thoughtfully structured website with separate areas for both clubs, timetable, pricing, most important information and club infos. And of course online training, contactless payment, login and booking system through the VirtuaGym system.

Results & Review

For the backyard project we came up with a functional approach that included all major steps in order to create a new identity, a new face, for a well established business.

A new elements of corporate identity and refreshed color and typography systems helped to update the well know company branding, maintaining high brand recognition rates and at the same time allowing business to move forward. New powerful visuals – photos, videos and posters – made this effect even stronger.

The pandemic changed the way we train – that is why a new website was fitted with the latest tool to enable online training. New design, quality photo and video content accompanied the latest technologies for the best User Experience. And the ultimate result of the implementation of all this element all together was a new website and new social media channels design.