Online Marketing


We want to support you and your company with our expertise and at the same time involve you in the planning of your online marketing strategy and take your wishes into account. During a personal consultation, we will discuss possible approaches to design your online presence.


With SEO, Search Engine Optimization, we increase the visibility of your website on various search engines. With our help, you can promote your company to the top of the search and thus increase traffic to your website. SEO is used for terminological optimization of the website in terms of search algorithms, so that it appears high in the search and potential customers find it faster. The whole process serves to make search engine crawlers find the website content and index it. We use methods of off-page optimization, i.e. embedding the link of your website on other pages, as well as on-page SEO.

Social Media

The many platforms that are now located in social media offer a high reach in online marketing. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, XING, Tiktok and many other providers, offer low-cost or even free advertising, which is particularly suitable for small and medium businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of social media marketing, which includes all relevant channels and optimize your campaigns, ads and other sponsored content of your profile pages.