A user friendly health insurance.
Taking care of yourself has never been easier.


Historically, insurance is an inevitable evil – something each of us need, but it can be tricky, expensive and in worse case, doesn’t help at all. XUND is here to change this perspective.

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The primary goal was to create a friendly yet professional image to represent the company. The XUND logo is a five petals flower representing five of the main blocks of the insurance: Head to toe care, teeth, Prevention, 365 nights, Clinic. The Corporate Identity is built around these blocks for better clarity.

Sales Strategy

Marketing strategy is essential for an agent. That is why, a real person was chosen as a mascot for the business. One of the cofounders, Stephanie, represents a happy insurance user Stephie that shows dos and don’ts on a real example and enjoys her benefits of a private medical care.

Choosing an insurance is not a spontaneous decision, and it should not be. But we did our best to make this choice easy and transparent. The website is optimized for both skimming and deep reading. This way we let the users dive in into details or go straight to contact.

The contact feature is available as a call, meeting or and online meeting request with a special software. A direct contact per phone or email is also and option. We feature an insurance calculator that saves time on request and gives a manager some primary information to enforce sales.