Artrooms by A&A

A multifunctional art space combining modern coaching & art therapy methods

Main Concept

A modern art space that balances high-quality equipment in multifunctional spaces and effective therapeutic practices

Artrooms by A&A is a project made up of many components. Thanks to an accurate vision provided by the client and the high competence of our professionals, we were able to achieve the desired result: a quality demo for a large investment project in New York.

Winning investors’ trust and gaining their support is the key to the successful launch of projects with high entry thresholds. We used different forms of visualisation as persuasion tools: 3D mock-ups, photorealistic interior renderings, 360 sweeping panoramas, and video fly-overs of the premises with important information voiced in the background. All of this is effectively packaged on one website, making the information accessible from anywhere in the world.


Each zone is capable of generating revenue independently, which takes the project to a whole new business level.

All the demonstrations are multifunctional: they can be used as part of a business plan, social media and website content, advertising and promotional material. In this way, maximum efficiency of time and financial resources is achieved.

The design and style of the premises should not be overlooked either. The uniqueness of the vision and the elegance of the details are reflected in the interior and the brand identity of the project as a whole.

The match between the client’s concept and the execution is guaranteed through an attentive and empathic approach to detail and professional implementation in line with industry standards.


We work together with Ms. Anna Gracsova for 3 years. We started with a small design job for our labels and now, together, we have successfully completed our branding and packaging design.

Arina Matveeva & Aliaksandra Stseshyts
The founders of Artroom by A&A